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The first few steps

July 8, 2009

A brand new Night Elf Priestess is now wondering the forests of Teldrassil. I have to admit it was a tough decision to choose my race – the decision boiled down to either Dwarf or Night Elf. As you now know I took the latter – but had a few reasons for doing so.

  1. I like Teldrassil – The music in Teldrassil/Ashenvale is one of the best in the game in my opinion. I believe it gives a great atmosphere.
  2. Dwarf emotes – The Dwarf emotes are the funniest in game and it was a concern of mine that I may end up spamming /silly all the time!
  3. Night Elves – They look more Priest-like in my opinion!
  4. Mounts – Nightsabers over Rams every day of the week!

I managed to hit the dizzy heights of level 7 on my first evening of play. The first 5 levels in Shadowglen flew in as they would with any class. Smiting and Shadow Word: Pain are the only spells in my arsenal and working my way thru the starting quests was a breeze (You really could finish these starting areas only using your melee weapon). I’m more used to leveling as a Feral Druid which has very little down time and a few things stuck me early on:-

Mana – I am going to have to learn mana management and incorporate it into my leveling. An out of mana Priest is a dead Priest!

Squishy – I tried taking out a few mobs without Power Word: Shield. I was taking a fair bit of damage.

My caster playing experience is very low and I’ve taken on board some of the advice given to me in comments on my first post. I have linked my Power Word: Shield to a very accessible key & I will acquire a wand ASAP!

Green is the new purple

Moon Robes

I had become fairly disillusioned with the raiding scene while running the latter stages of Naxx 25. Epics in WotLK are easily obtained and I feel that epics have lost that special feeling that T1, T2 & T3 items have (I still have my Druid’s T1/T2 set in the bank). Running MC & BWL felt like true epic adventures and epics that dropped from these dungeons were truly epic and having a near full set of Tier items was a sign of true dedication. My first evening of play ended with the reward of my first green item – Moon Robes of Elune (pictured) – from the first Priest class quest from the Priest trainer in Dolanaar – Garments of the Moon. It felt good to get a nice shiny green item plus I’m also packing an extra +1 Spirit to boot! I would almost say that it felt better to receive my first green item than it did when I was getting multiple epics in one night in Naxx heroic!


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  1. acrecia permalink
    July 14, 2009 3:00 pm

    Good luck with your priest, and welcome to the blog scene 🙂

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