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Moving on up

July 16, 2009

2 Legs good... 4 Legs better?

I am in the process of moving house and over the last week I’ve been more immersed in undercoat and gloss paint than Azeroth and this blog – literally! Our new place needed some renovation and while some things still need to be completed we are getting to move in this weekend.

I did get a chance log earlier in the week to attempt hit the next few levels with Reign but got a /w from a fellow guildie begging me to help in Ulduar 25. The guild raid had started later in the evening than expected due to being short on numbers. I decided to give them a hand as they were trying Razorscale with 21 people and needed all the DPS they could get. We managed to down him on the 2nd attempt and it reminded me of how enjoyable raiding can be.

As I’ve mentioned before my main is a Druid and prior to WotLK I have always raided as restoration. When my guild moved into Naxx for the first time we had an embarrassment of riches by having too many healers and I offered to respec to feral DPS. I was the only feral in our raid group and really had no clue as to feral rotation but did find some great tips from Elitist Jerks. To my surprise the feral DPS rotation is incredibly rewarding and constantly got /w asking how I was able to do such damage. I was never asked to respec back to restoration. However, absence makes the heart grow fonder and I’m pondering the idea of playing my Druid as resto again. I’ve paid very little attention to Restoration changes over the last few months as I have been putting more effort into my feral spec. Hopefully sometime in the next week I will get some time to heal a few heroics and hit those next few levels with Reign…. I think I’ve just given myself some motivation to speed up the moving furniture into the new pad!



The first few steps

July 8, 2009

A brand new Night Elf Priestess is now wondering the forests of Teldrassil. I have to admit it was a tough decision to choose my race – the decision boiled down to either Dwarf or Night Elf. As you now know I took the latter – but had a few reasons for doing so.

  1. I like Teldrassil – The music in Teldrassil/Ashenvale is one of the best in the game in my opinion. I believe it gives a great atmosphere.
  2. Dwarf emotes – The Dwarf emotes are the funniest in game and it was a concern of mine that I may end up spamming /silly all the time!
  3. Night Elves – They look more Priest-like in my opinion!
  4. Mounts – Nightsabers over Rams every day of the week!

I managed to hit the dizzy heights of level 7 on my first evening of play. The first 5 levels in Shadowglen flew in as they would with any class. Smiting and Shadow Word: Pain are the only spells in my arsenal and working my way thru the starting quests was a breeze (You really could finish these starting areas only using your melee weapon). I’m more used to leveling as a Feral Druid which has very little down time and a few things stuck me early on:-

Mana – I am going to have to learn mana management and incorporate it into my leveling. An out of mana Priest is a dead Priest!

Squishy – I tried taking out a few mobs without Power Word: Shield. I was taking a fair bit of damage.

My caster playing experience is very low and I’ve taken on board some of the advice given to me in comments on my first post. I have linked my Power Word: Shield to a very accessible key & I will acquire a wand ASAP!

Green is the new purple

Moon Robes

I had become fairly disillusioned with the raiding scene while running the latter stages of Naxx 25. Epics in WotLK are easily obtained and I feel that epics have lost that special feeling that T1, T2 & T3 items have (I still have my Druid’s T1/T2 set in the bank). Running MC & BWL felt like true epic adventures and epics that dropped from these dungeons were truly epic and having a near full set of Tier items was a sign of true dedication. My first evening of play ended with the reward of my first green item – Moon Robes of Elune (pictured) – from the first Priest class quest from the Priest trainer in Dolanaar – Garments of the Moon. It felt good to get a nice shiny green item plus I’m also packing an extra +1 Spirit to boot! I would almost say that it felt better to receive my first green item than it did when I was getting multiple epics in one night in Naxx heroic!


Starting Off

July 7, 2009


Who am I ?

I have been playing WoW since February 2005 after being hounded by a friend to play. I created a Night Elf Druid for no other reason than having the ability to change into bear form! WoW has been my first real experience of an MMO and I really had no idea what I was doing most of the time while levelling – I didn’t know I had talent points until I was in the mid level 40s! I eventually started raiding and have successfully made my way into Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Temptest Keep, Sepentshine Cavern and more recently Naxxaramas. Under the guidance of guildies, friends and Druid blogs I was able to play my Druid with fairly competant level. To this date I have only been in The Ulduar a handful of times as my play time has been cut due to real life. I find it hard logging my Druid and not raiding. Usually he has been gearing up, herbing for mats, grinding for repair bills but now there isn’t much reason for that.

So what is this blog about?

I needed something to keep WoW fresh for me and something that would allow me to play with my new casual play style. I wanted to play a class that I knew little knowledge of and had never played. I decided to roll a Priest which ticks all the above boxes. I have not determined what direction I want to take this character but will learn and make these decisions as I go.

Two new challenges rolled into one!

Blogging will be as new to me as learning how to play my Priest and I look forward to documenting my travels in Azeroth and beyond. Any advice with blogging and/or within my new found Priesthood is very welcome.